Monday, September 22, 2008

I love you cox...

I can tell you anything
You're alwayz there for me when ever am in need of you
Thinking of you makes me feel good & happy
You make me feel.... like I've never felt before
I can be myself when am with you
You've taught me the true meaning of love
I love the feeling of being secure when you hold me
I love your company
I feel your love....caring
I love everything about you
I miss you loads when you are not around


cyberkid said...

Thats a nice one..

farmer said...

its definately got a romantic tone to it.

One that can only be produced by those that are pittyful and dreamy with puny limited imagination and ever longing search for someone to love.

you sound very lonely and sad.

realstiffmeister said...

Niiiice..!! By the way.. who are you missing so badly? :p hehe.. just kidding mate.. ;)