Thursday, September 24, 2009


hellooo blog world!!! it's been a year, I haven't updated my blog, anyways here I am now!! :)) well! well! guys, my birthday is coming, so just in case if you are wondering what to present me, here I am to give you some hints, as usual :P ehehhe yeah yeah, I'm actually updating this for this reason!!! lol!

Okiex, lets cut this short and go straight to what I really want for my birthday!!!! Hmmm lemme list it out:::

1. My all time favorite perfume; Bright Crystal by Versace
2. MacBook Pro
3. Nokia N97 mini
4. A cool camera (Sony or Nikon would do :P)
5. A yummy chocolate cake with extra chocolate cream (prefers a HUGE one!!)
6. Loads of accessories ((hint hint:: bags, earrings, chains, shoes...& moreee [remember: it should be fancy]))

See, I donn really want much, thats juss a few, so hope to get all or some on my birthday!!

cheers!! :))


Uniqu3 Graph!X said...

hehe first of all, welcome to Blogger world!!! :D well!!! as u said it's just not much to ask for ur bday! u've left me with so many options, i dunno which one to choose!!!

nadhee said...

thanksss Uniqu3 Graph!X :D
ummm u've still got some time to think over ;) so no worriex!

thewildhunter said...

Welcome back nadhiththa :D :D

nadhee said...

thank you thewildhunter!!

nazeee said...

hehehe thats good way to use a Blog

nadhee said...

indeed nazeee!! learn from me :P

Styx Orpheus said...

tsk.. tsk.. ill go for
5. A yummy chocolate cake with extra chocolate cream (prefers a HUGE one!!) ;)

nadhee said...

lol! styx, well after all it's my BIG DAY!!! so i'll surely have some wishes dhoa :P